Soaking Feed: The Life-Altering, Frugal Change ALL Homesteaders Need to Make ASAP!

You’ve probably heard about fermenting feed; it stretches feed, allows beneficial bacteria to grow, and increases digestibility. But have you heard about simply soaking your feed?! If you are currently feeding your chickens a layer or grower crumble (pellets, too!), even a specially ordered high quality organic feed, I cannot recommend soaking enough! Soaking has […]

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growing green beans in containers

Growing Beans in Containers

Beans are a must-have on the homesteader’s menu. They’re easy to grow, they produce a lot of food, and they are multipurpose. You can grow them for green beans, or for shelling/dry beans! There are dozens and dozens of bean varieties, both bushes and vines. For containers, I recommend vining varieties (also known as pole […]

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