What Is Persimmon Leaves, and What Are They Used For?


Persimmons are commonly talked about throughout the North American homesteading community, especially as a fruit tree. However, you rarely hear about the leaves of a persimmon tree, unless you take a trip into Asia. Did you know that those little leaves pack quite the punch, both nutritionally and in the sense of natural/herbal remedies? Let’s […]

The Catalogs Have Arrived… Let the Frenzy Begin!

Frugal Homesteading Plant Propagation

I know that I cannot possibly be the only person that gets this excited just because…. The gardening catalogs arrived!!! All of the berry bushes. The fruit and nut trees. The special seed deals. The exotic and fun fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Bulbs, galore! Does it just give you that warm, fuzzy feeling too? Doesn’t […]